Recent Progress in Differential Geometry and its Related Fields

T. ADACHI,   H. Hashimoto & M. J. Hristov eds, World Sicentific

  • Homogeneous Einstein Metrics on Generalized Flag Manifolds Sp(n)/(U(p) x U(q) x Sp(n - p - q))
          (Andreas Arvanitoyeorgos, Ioannis Chrysikos and Yusuke Sakane)
  • On G2-Invariants of Curves in Purely Imaginary Octonions
          (Misa Ohashi)
  • Magnetic Jacobi Fields for Kahler Magnetic Fields
          (Toshiaki Adachi)
  • Geometry for q-Exponential Families
          (Hiroshi Matsuzoe and Atsumi Ohara)
  • Sasakian Magnetic Fields on Homogeneous Real Hypersurfaces in a Complex Hyperbolic Space
          (Tuya Bao)
  • TYZ Expansions for Some Rotation Invariant Kahler Metrics
          (Todor Gramchev and Andrea Loi)
  • Kershner's Tilings of Type 6 by Congruent Pentagons are Not Dirichlet
          (Atsushi Kubota and Toshiaki Adachi)
  • Eleven Classes of Almost Paracontact Manifolds with Semi-Riemannian Metric of (n + 1, n)
          (Galia Nakova and Simeon Zamkovoy)
  • Notes on Geometry of q-Normal Distributions
          (Daiki Tanaya, Masaru Tanaka and Hiroshi Matsuzoe)
  • A Remark on Complex Lagrangian Cones in Hn
          (Norio Ejiri and Kazumi Tsukada)
  • Realizations of Subgroups of G2, Spin(7) and Their Applications
          (Hideya Hashimoto and Misa Ohashi)
  • Bezier Type Almost Complex Structures on Quaternionic Hermitian Vector Spaces
          (Milen J Hristov)