Last modified on 14 October, 2010


Arrival September 5  
Opening September 6  
Closing September 10  
Departure   September 11  

        (including time for questions, comments & some short discusstion)
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    <5>       <6>       <7>      <8>  
Sept. 06
  S. Bouyuklieva   I. Bouyukliev   M. D-Stoeva   S. Zhelezova     Z. Varbanov   E. Petkov   E. Arsov   P. Assenov
Sept. 07
  H. Matsuzoe   H. Hashimoto   M. Ohashi       Y. Sakane   G. Ganchev   M. Hristov  
Sept. 08
  T. Bao   G. Nakova   N. Ivanov       **   **   **   **
Sept. 09
Sept. 10
  A. Loi   M. Zedda   R. Mossa   M. Manev     V. Milousheva   D. Zuddas   T. Adachi  

Every talk will be done at Room 400 , Building 5 of Univ. of Veliko Tarnovo.
Participants can discuss at Room 500 during 9:00--12:30 & 14:00--17:30.

Sept. 08 (wde.) afternoon is free.
Sept. 09 is opened for scientists who are planning to attend but do not send their titles to orgnazers.


The Colloquium will take place at the Building 5 of Univ. of Veliko Tarnovo which is quite near the city center.
The Building 5 is in front of the bus stop at Veliko Tarnovo for Sofia.
Veliko Tarnovo is about 240km north-east of Sofia, which was a capital of the 2nd Bulgarian Kingdom.