Last modified on 13 October, 2010


 1) Mr. E. Arsov   (Uni, Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA)
      "Animation by some conformal transformations"
  2) Mr. P. Assenov   (Uni, Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA)
      "Animation by affine transformations of Bezier curves"
  3) Ms. T. Bao   (Nagoya Inst. Tech., JAPAN)
      "Lengths of ircular trajectories for Sasakian magnetic field on geodesic spheres in a nonflat complex space form"
  4) Prof. I. Bouyukliev   (IMI-BAS, BULGARIA)
      "Codes, sets of points in finite projective geometries and dual transform"
  5) Prof. S. Bouyuklieva   (Uni, Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA)
      "Singly-even self-dual codes and their shadows"
  6) Prof. M. Djumalieva-Stoeva   (Uni, Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA)
      "Representation of equivalence problem for sets of points in projective geometries"
  7) Prof. G. Ganchev,   (IMI-BAS, BULGARIA)
      "A classification of Riemannian manifolds of quasi-constant sectional curvature and conformally flat hypersurfaces in Euclidean or Minkowski space"
  8) Prof. H. Hashimoto
      "On automorphism groups of almost Hermitian structures of 6-submanifolds of the octonoins"
  9) Prof. M. Hristov,   (Uni. Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA)
      "Bezier-type almost complex structures on quaternionic Kaehler manifolds"
10) Prof. N. Ivanov   (Uni, Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA)
      "String Theory and K-Theory"
11) Prof. A. LOI   (Uni. Cagliari, ITALY)
      "Kaehler immersions of homogeneous Kaehler manifolds into complex space forms"
12) Prof. M. Manev ,   (Uni. Plovdiv, BULGARIA)
      "On connections with totally skew-symmetric torsion on manifolds with additional tensor structures and indefinite metrices"
13) Prof. H. Matsuzoe   (Nagoya Inst. Tech., JAPAN)
      "Geometry of nonextensive generalized entropies"
14) Prof. V. Milousheva,   (IMI-BAS, BULGARIA)
      "An invariant theory of surfaces in the four-dimensional Euclidean or Minkowski space"
15) Mr. R. Mossa   (Uni. Cagliari, ITALY)
      "The diastatic exponential"
16) Prof. Galia Nakova (Uni, Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA)
      "Lightlike submanifolds of almost complex manifolds with Norden metric"
17) Ms. M. Ohashi
      "On generalized cylindrical helices and Lagrangian surfaces of R^4"
18) Prof. E. Petkov   (Uni, Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA)
      "On NURBS curves and surfaces in computer graphics"
19) Prof. Y. Sakane   (Osaka Univ., JAPAN)
      "Invariant Einstein metrics on generalized flag manifolds"
20) Prof. Z. Varbanov   (Uni, Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA)
      "Techniques for bit manipulation and their applications"
21) Ms. M. Zedda   (Uni. Cagliari, ITALY)
      "Balanced metrics on Hartogs domains"
22) Prof. S. Zhelezova   (IMI-BAS, BULGARIA)
      "t-parallelism of PG(5,2) with automorphisms of order 31"
23) Mr. D. Zuddas   (Uni. Cagliari, ITALY)
      "Lefschetz fibration structures on 4-dimensional 2-handlebodies"
24) T. Adachi
      "A theorem of Cartan-Hadamard type for Kaehler magnetic fields"


The Colloquium will take place at the Building 5 of Univ. of Veliko Tarnovo which is quite near the city center.
The Building 5 is in front of the bus stop at Veliko Tarnovo for Sofia.
Veliko Tarnovo is about 240km north-east of Sofia, which was a capital of the 2nd Bulgarian Kingdom.