Talks, ICDG2014

                 tentative title, August 08, 2014

Prof. Ganchev, Georgi (Bulgarian Academy)
   "Special surfaces in the three or four-dimensional Euclidean and Minkowski spaces
   and their natural PDEfs"

Prof. Sakane, Yuske (Osaka Univ.)
   "New homogeneous Einstein metrics on compact simple Lie groups"

Prof. Kanchev, Krassimir (Univ. of Transport, Sofia)
   "Explicit Solving of the System of Natural PDE's of Minimal Surfaces
   in the Four-Dimensional Euclidean Space"

Prof. Ando, Naoya (Kumamoto Univ.)
   "Local characterizations of surfaces in various spaces
   by induced metrics and principal distributions"

Ms. Bencheva, Victoria & Prof. Hristov, Milen (Veliko Tarnovo Univ.)
   "On the differential geometry of Laplace-trnsformed curves"

Mr. Iliev, Krassen & Prof. Hristov, Milen (Veliko Tarnovo Univ.)
   "On the Laplace-matrix calculus"

Prof. Ivanov, Nikolay (Veliko Tarnovo Univ.)
   "Noncommutative Instantons"

Prof. Manev, Mancho (Plovdiv Univ.)
   "On the geometry of canonical connections on manifolds
   with complex and contact structures and Norden-type metrics"

Mr. Manev, Hristro (Provdiv Univ.) & Prof. Ivanova, Miroslava (Trakia University)
   "On some Lie groups as 5-dimensional almost contact B-metric manifolds"

Prof. Matsuzoe, Hiroshi (Nagoya Institute of Tech.)
   "Geometry of deformed exponential families"

Prof. Nakata, Fuminori (Fukushima Univ.)
   "Circle invariant indefinite Einstein-Weyl structures and the twistor correspondence"

Prof. Nakova, Galya (Veliko Tarnovo Univ.)
   "Curvature properties of some lightlike hypersurfaces
   of almost complex manifolds with Norden metric"

Prof. Kamada, Hiroyuki (Miyagi Univ. of Education)
   "Geometric structure modeled on a real hypersurface in a quaternionic manifold "

Prof. Ohashi, Misa (Nagoya Institute of Tech.)
   "A method of determinig the SO(7)-invariants for curves in Im O by their G2 -invariants"

Prof. Shoda, Toshihiro (Saga Univ.)
   "On zero eigenfunctions of Jacobi operator on a minimal surface"

Mr. Yaermaimaiti, Tuerxunmaimaiti (Nagoya Institute of Tech.)
   "Laplacians for Kaehler graphs"

Prof. Hashimoto, Hideya (Meijo Univ.)
   "On some constructions of G2 and Spin(7) bundles
   on a 3-manifold by using Clifford algebra of order 3"

Prof. Hristov, Milen (Veliko Tarnovo Univ.)
   "Matrix Approach to curves in the complex plane and its conformal and Laplace transformations"

Adachi, Toshiaki (Nagoya Institute of Tech.)
   "Kaehler graphs -- Discrete models of manifolds equipped with magnetic fields --"