Those who are interested in or considering to attend ICDG2016,
please send a message of title "ICDG2016" to one of the following organizers
    Milen Hristov:        m.hristov"at"
    Hideya Hashimoto: hhashi"at"
    Toshiaki Adachi:    adachi"at"

Registration Fee

In order to cover the charge for publishing proceedings,
participants are asked to pay the following registration/publishing fee.

The conference regular fee is
    30,000 YEN   for Japanese mathematicians,
     200 EUR   for western occupied mathematicians,
      40 EUR   for occupied scientists from eastern countries who wish to publish their papers.
                   But please note that all articles will undergo regular peer review procedure.
Students, except from Japan, are free.
For students who belongs to Institutes in Japan, their supervisor are asked to pay for them.

Every participant who paid the regular fee will take a copy of Proceedings after it is published.


Call for Papers

The Proceedings will be published from World Scientific.
Style files and instruction can be download from the line below.
Organizers will announce in October the detail on proceedings after they estimate the number of papers.

For now, they consider to give 16 pages (or 18 pages) for each.
(Total pages will be 250 including preface.)
If they need more pages, please ask organizers.
Of course, papers of pages less than 16 are gladly recieved.
But, even in the case of announcement, please write your motivation and the background.

The dead line is December 20, 2016 .

Announcement of your result which will be published somewhere
and well-organized Survey of your several works (not a duplicated) are welcomed.
But in these cases, the author should indicate these in his introduction.

Proceedings Style File
Readme     Instruction     Download of Style Files    

Please do not use local (original) definitions !

Please use \documentclass[wssquare]{ws-procs9x6} to unify citations.
Original "ws-proc9x6" uses "\documentclass{ws-procs9x6}".
So, change the lines on the above of "\begin{document}" in this file first.