* There are some hotels in Rio, but not so many.
* We suggest you to take your hotel in city center of Patras.


    [1] Athens to Patra

      Athens Central Bus Station--Kifisos to Patras

Please see "Patras information --- travelling".
Here, we put time-tables of KTEL bus service (Dec. 2022).

    Athens bus station (Athens information) google map ,     Athens --> Patras
    KTEL Patras bus station (google map),     Patras --> Athens ,

      To get Athens Central Bus Station--Kifisos

* From Athens International Airport :   Take a direct bus No. X93
  Central Bus Station--Kifisos is the final stop.
      (There is another centaral bus station "Liosion". On the way, bus No. X93 stops near that. Do not get off )
* From Athens City Center -- Omonia Square :   At Menandrou Street (map) take OASA bus No. 051. stops
      (If you stay Athens City Center before you come to Patras, bus No. X95 from the airport takes you to Sintagma Square.)

    [2] Patras City Center to Department of Mathematics
      Please see the information of the department
      It is about 10 km from the city center to the department

      (1) Suburban rail + bus

* Train Station of Patras -- ("Panachaiki" -- "Agya" -- "Bozaitika") -- "KastelloKampos"
  Get off at the suburban and take OSE bus,
  and get off near the department of Mathematics/Biology   map

* If you get off at "Rio", it is about 25 minutes walk to the department.

      (2) Bus

* In Greek, University is "˃Ã΃ǃЃуŃʃǃ" (panepistimio), and Center is "ȃÃ˃уσ"@(accents are dropped).
* Take KTEL bus No. 901 at Aratos street (out of work on Sat., Sun.); map of near Aratou street
* KTEL of Patras No. 601, 603, 604 with sign "University" starts at Ermou street ;   map of near Ermou
      " 20 " means "after that, every 20 minutes".
* KTFL of Patras No. 602 (Express) leaving Archbishop Kirillou Street (out of work on Sat., Sun.)   map of near Archbishop Kirillou Street

* It is better to buy your tickets " ǃЃǃуŃσǃ ɃÃփӃ̓σÃǃ̓" at ticket office "ŃʃÃǃ ΃փɃŃЃŃ ʃŃ˃ǃǃփ ȃσуփ".
* Zoon B for suburbs.   It costs 1.8 EUR.     (zoon A is for the inside of the city)
* You can buy your ticket when you ride on a bus from bus driver.   But it costs 2 EUR.

* KTEL bus No. 609 and 910 are for City center from University.

* Get off your bus (No. 601, 901, 602) at "ÃփɃ̓ǃȃ" (Geological) which is the next stop of "҃Ѓǃȃ".
   To come to the department, back to a circle, and trun left root .